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Lemme see you Gesamtkunstwerk

Truly life changing.

Truly life changing.

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Apple maps: how Google lost when everyone thought it had won

Sometimes taking a hit in the press is worth the risk, in this case, capturing 20+ million users from your competitor.

Designer creates ‘Outside-In’ shoes for Reebok.

"Mark it, nuncle.
Have more than thou showest,
Speak less than thou knowest,
Lend less than thou owest,
Ride more than thou goest,
Learn more than thou trowest,
Set less than thou throwest,
Leave thy drink and thy whore
And keep in-a-door,
And thou shalt have more
Than two tens to a score."
- The Fool to King Lear - “King Lear” - Shakespeare

M.I.A Y.A.L.A.

That's Pig Latin

New Hyper Crush.

Mediocrity and chaos emerge when people are the means and meeting deadlines are the ends. Mastery and focus are achieved when timely work is the means and great people are the ends.